Home Performance Testing

Home Performance Testing, often referred to simply as an energy audit, is a method of testing a home to determine how well it performs as it protects its occupants from the elements. A home should protect the safety, health, and comfort of those living in it, and it should do so in a manner that is as energy efficient as possible. The only way to know for certain how a home is performing is to test it.

Comfort Instititute Member logo low resWe are proud to be members of Comfort Institute. Comfort Institute is an international indoor comfort/air quality contractor training organization. Unlike over 98% of the contractors in the industry, CI members have the advanced training and instruments to conduct diagnostic Performance Testing on duct systems and the thermal envelope. They can go beyond the heating and cooling equipment to look at your whole building as a system. This testing is now required by new home building codes in many areas, as well as the EPA EnergyStar Home program.

EPA, Department of Energy and utility company research consistently finds that over 90% of installations have energy wasting and discomfort causing mistakes. Your CI member’s unique approach ensures that your new high-efficiency equipment will work at peak performance,and actually save money on your monthly utility bills. Taking care of pre-existing problems and  right-sizing the new equipment also greatly improves indoor humidity control and reduces or solves hot/cold room or dust problems.


Sadly, most heating and air conditioning contractors are only interested in the quick and highly profitable “replacement metal box ”sale. They either don’t know how important it is to also address pre-existing duct and thermal envelope problems, or simply don’t want to slow down to do it right. Do not be swayed by the great majority of HVAC contractors who either don’t know, or don’t care.

freezeBuying a new system is a very important decision–with long-term consequences to your utility and repair bills, comfort and indoor air quality.

The most important step is to choose the right contractor. We are confident that we are the right contractor to design and install a new indoor comfort system that you will enjoy for years to come.