What Care Does My System Need?

Other than performing the simple maintenance recommended below, you should not attempt to make any adjustments or repairs to your system. Your dealer can assist you with questions or problems. Here’s what you should do:

1) Replace the air filter(s)
A clean filter saves you money by helping ensure top system efficiency.
When replacing your filter(s), always use the same size and type that was originally supplied or consult with your dealer for recommendations. Be sure to replace it with the arrows pointing in the direction of the airflow.
Where disposable filters are used, they must be replaced every month with the same size as originally supplied. Clean or replace your filter twice a month during seasons when the unit runs more often.
We can advise you where the filter is located in your system and how to service it.

2) Maintain airflow around outdoor coil 
Efficient operation of your system depends on the free flow of air over outdoor unit’s coil.
Do not plant flowers or shrubbery right next to the unit. If you do plant, be sure to give the unit approximately 18 inches of air space on all sides taking into account the size of the plant once it grows.  Also, make sure that nothing is stacked against the sides of the unit or draped over it.
Buildup of snow and ice can restrict airflow. As soon as possible after accumulation, clean snow from the area around the outdoor unit.
Be extra cautious while doing lawn maintenance around the outdoor unit. Trimmers and edgers can damage the vulnerable refrigerant and electrical connections as well as the outdoor coil. We use a grass and weed killer around ours. Be sure to use caution and mow so as to throw grass clippings away from the unit. If a buildup of grass clippings does accumulate on the outdoor unit, you may use a garden hose to clear it away.

3) Keep bugs away
Some years more than others, we see an abundance of insects that have managed to get themselves into the electrical control sections of the outdoor unit. Sometimes they even get into a position that disables the unit, necessitating a service call. Use your favorite outdoor insecticide to spray around the base of the unit.

4) Call us for additional routine maintenance
Your system should be inspected at least once per year by a properly trained service technician. We offer service agreements that will ensure  your system is running in top shape for years to come. You’ll save money on operational costs, too. Call us at (540) 375-4831, email us at info@brysonheating.com or use this form.